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57 youth firefighters earn CPR/first aid certifications at Pine Grove YCC

California’s winter rains won’t allow a repeat of the nearly 7,000 fires that scorched Golden State landscapes in 2016, but trials remain for firefighters in CDCR’s 44 conservation camps — also tasked with flood and emergency medical response efforts. The majority of CDCR’s inmate firefighters are adult offenders, but a collection of 57 youthful offenders at the Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp (PGYCC) represent the oldest continuously operated fire camp in California. Those young offenders recently went through intense training to earn CPR/first aid certification.

Fight for Bo: CSP-Sacramento unites to help officer’s family

For four months, Correctional Officer Danny Condon’s infant daughter has battled a rare and aggressive form of leukemia. Through time-bank donations, he’s been able to be there to help his daughter and support his family. Fellow employees at CSP-Sacramento and across CDCR are banding together to help the Condon family.

Folsom Women’s Facility, CSP-Sac inmates plan for parole with help from DAPO

Part of CDCR’s mission is to provide effective rehabilitation and treatment so offenders can successfully integrate back into the community. The Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) has an active role by providing a range of programs and services to parolees while encouraging and assisting in their rehabilitative efforts. DAPO’s Northern Region Adult Programs Unit recently hosted Reentry Resource Fairs at Folsom Women’s Facility and California State Prison, Sacramento.