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Death row officer reflects on nearly three decades working at San Quentin

San Quentin Correctional Officer Mike Begley is quick with a smile and a firm handshake. He’s worked at California’s oldest prison since 1989. For all but two years of his 28-year career, his workplace has been death row. “There are a lot of new people here at San Quentin. … In the last few years, a lot of people have retired. Makes me wonder what I’m still doing here,” he said, cracking a smile.

Well on their way: Reentry program participants earn praise from judge

Court Commissions Leonard Goldkind volunteers his time on a regular basis to evaluate the files of participants in the Male Community Reentry Program (MCRP), a reentry program that allows eligible offenders to serve up to the last 12 months of their sentence in the community program in lieu of state prison. While at MCRP, participants take place in an immersive rehabilitative curriculum focused on successful reentry, from anger management and criminal thinking classes to resume-building workshops and job-search skills.