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Correctional Officer applications now being accepted

The Office of Peace Officer Selection (OPOS) is now accepting Correctional Officer applications. The application period will remain open until another 10,000 applications have been received and then pause again while those applications are processed through the written exam, supplemental application and physical fitness test.

CCWF inmate firefighter Kaitlin Bennett, in street clothes, tells the students about a woman she knew who made the terrible decision to drink and drive.

The truth about consequences: CCWF inmate shares her story with students

When Kaitlin Bennett got behind the wheel of her car after having drinks with a friend in 2012, she didn’t know her decision would have devastating effects. She crashed into a vehicle carrying five teenagers, seriously injuring some of them. Bennett woke up in county jail, where she began her life as a prisoner. Now she shares her story to help others avoid the mistakes she made.