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It’s never too early to think about a child’s mental health

It’s never too early to start thinking about our children’s mental health and well-being. Luckily, parents and families can do a lot to help create healthy environments that support mental health in our kids. Being diligent and aware of changes in attitude, potential bullying situations and overall demeanor can help identify potential problems before they go too far.

CDCR’s Office of Correctional Safety hits streets in Merced County gang raids

CDCR’s Office of Correctional Safety assisted in a broad, predawn anti-gang sweep on May 10, culminating in the seizure of the largest amount of firearms in Merced County’s history, and nabbing more than 60 gang members who are facing serious criminal charges. The operation also involved searches at 10 prisons and the cooperation of Crisis Response Teams to serve search and arrest warrants.

Unlocking History: Visionary wardens introduced dental care, sought to combat addiction, part 2

Today’s rehabilitative efforts in the state prison system can be traced back to the early days of the department. More than a century ago, visionary wardens pushed for job training, education and family engagement so former inmates could reintegrate back into society after being released from prison. Like the definition of visionary, these leaders implemented original ideas and planned the future with “imagination or wisdom.” This series takes a closer look at some of these wardens and their contributions to shaping what would become today’s CDCR. This is the second part in the series.

Mt. Bullion camp inmate firefighters save four in car crash

Near Mariposa in the Sierra Nevada foothills, a car careened off a road and plummeted down a 500-foot embankment. Stranded, a passing motorist saw fresh tire skids leading off the road, and stopped to check out the scene. That’s when she heard cries for help coming from below. A quick call to 911 found inmate firefighters from nearby Mt. Bullion Conservation Camp responding to help.