Bakersfield office Parole Agents help get gifts for parolees’ kids

In collaboration with Kern Transitional Case Management Program and CDCR’s Southern District Department of Adult Parolee Operations, the First Congregational Church last month donated gifts to the children of parolees.

Parole Agents from the Bakersfield parole office submitted names of 28 parolees who had children.  The children of the parolees received many wonderful gifts, including toys, bikes and clothing.

The First Congregational Church donates the gifts every year.

Parolees and their families came to the parole office to pick up the gifts. The gifts that were not collected at the office were delivered to the parolees’ residences by Parole Agents.

Community Social Services Worker Chris Velasquez thanked the agents who helped with collecting and distributing the gifts and to the office’s clerical staff for providing Christmas decorations.

DAPO gift giving


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  1. rosa reyes Thursday, January 9, 2014 / 8:19 pm

    It’s nice to know that these children received gifts. Most of the time it is hard for these men on parole to get jobs to support their families on a daily basis. It’s never the child’s fault but it always affects them also. Bless their little hearts.

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