Pine Grove firefighters have snowy Christmas

By Mike Roots, Superintendent

Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp

To start the Christmas season off the community of Volcano invited our firefighters to the towns Christmas dinner.  This type of activity was a first for most of them.

Shortly after that the camp was covered in a blanket of snow which provided a white Christmas; another first for most of our firefighters. 

Chef Wilson held her annual Christmas cookie decorating contest.

Everyone received a Christmas present from Santa and a comforter for their bed. 

Youth Correctional Counselor Deborah Brady hosted the annual crew bay decorating competition and everyone enjoyed the beautiful cake that Volunteers Mike and Karen Kuhn brought to camp.

Finally, it was Brady’s Big Bingo Bash that sent 2013 out with a bang. 

Pine Grove firefighters

Pine Grove snow




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  1. Peggie Cathie Thursday, January 23, 2014 / 12:49 am

    I was a nurse at Preston for only 2+ years before we closed but sure miss ‘da boys’. I am at an adult institution now and a supervising nurse. It was nice to hear that the gentlemen at the camp had a good Christmas. They do a lot for the nearby communities and the staff there at the camp does a great job! Thanks for the pictures.

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