CTF graduates nearly 300 inmates

By Lt. Roland Ramon, AA/PIO
Correctional Training Facility

CTF 247The Correctional Training Facility, Soledad, conducted a graduation for the Class of 2014.

Among those graduating were 115 who earned a General Education Development (GED), 74 of which were present; 4 high school graduates; and 13 who earned an associate of arts degree and 1 who earned a master’s degree.

Also awarded were 170 vocational certifications – 8 Building Maintenance, 29 Carpentry, 13 Electrical works, 22 Electronics, 17 Masonry, 14 Small Engine, and 67 Computer Literacy.

CTF 242The ceremony was attended by 57 visitors, including family, friends and staff, celebrating a wide array of student achievements.

In attendance were Warden Marion Spearman; Chief Deputy Warden Velma Raso; Associate Warden D. Silva; Superintendent of the Office of Correctional Education Brantley Choate; Deputy Superintendent of the Office of Correctional Education Shannon Swain; Dr. Bill Brand of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges; Vice Principal of Vocational Education Timothy Chaney; and Principal (A) Valley Adult School Kevin Kessler.

CTF Handshaking 2

Warden Spearman shared commended the inmate students’ individual achievements, mentioning how the graduates acted individually in deciding to go to school and complete their assignments instead of going to the yard for recreation.  They faced overcame adversity, ultimately achieving positive results that nobody can take away from them.

Warden Spearman reminded them that it was a positive choice they made and they should continue setting goals in life and strive to succeed.

Handshaking 3Superintendent Choate spoke of the benefits of education and encouraged the graduates to continue with their success.

Deputy Superintendent Swain told the graduates to take their education experience and use it to enter society’s workforce and find employment that suits their individual training.

Dr. Brand, accreditation chairman, commended the Valley Adult School for its tremendous success in both its six-year accreditation and for each individual graduate’s success.  He said it was equivalent to that of other statewide schools, colleges and trade schools.

Valley Adult School administrators Kessler and Chaney commended the graduates for overcoming obstacles and setbacks, remaining focused, working hard, and achieving their goals.  They encouraged them to continue in their college or career technical educations.

Dr. Lusk congratulated the graduates on their success and reminded them of the graduation’s theme “You’ve Only Just Begun.”  He presented a $500 donation from CTF’s Higher Education Library Project (HELP) to representatives from Hartnell Community College.


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  1. Vicki Bumerts Collins Monday, June 23, 2014 / 11:45 pm

    I am so very proud of my soon to be husband, Mr. Collins. He is in the group of graduates and I expect nothing less than for him to head straight on to college! Baby, I love you and so very proud of you!

  2. Deborah.Johnson Monday, June 23, 2014 / 6:54 pm

    Great job to Warden Spearman and his staff! This is a great accomplishment for the inmate population and for the instructors/teachers who were instrumental in their success.

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