Diners tip CSP-Solano staff to benefit Special Olympics

The staff from California State Prison, Solano, were hard at work raising funds at Red Robin in Yuba City.

The staff from California State Prison, Solano, were hard at work raising funds at Red Robin in Yuba City (shown here) and Vacaville.

By Lt. Marlaina Dernoncourt, A.A., Public Information Officer
California State Prison, Solano

Diners at restaurants in Vacaville and Yuba City would have noticed something different about their servers on a recent Saturday – many are employed by the local prison.

The staff from California State Prison, Solano, raised money with a Tip-A-Cop campaign thanks to the cooperation of Red Robin eateries in two neighboring cities.

The effort raised $5,039.36 for the Special Olympics of Northern California.

“I am very proud of CSP Solano Staff for continuing to support the Special Olympics,” said Warden Eric Arnold (credit elizabeth). “Our staff have huge hearts and I’m proud to be a part of Team Solano”

Other Tip-A-Cop events raising funds for charities:

CSP Solano, CMF Tip a Cop event reaises $2,363 for Special Olympics, http://www.insidecdcr.ca.gov/2014/04/csp-solano-cmf-tip-a-cop-event-raises-2363-for-special-olympics/

CSP Solano raises $1,109 in Tip A Cop event, http://www.insidecdcr.ca.gov/2014/06/csp-solano-raises-1109-in-tip-a-cop-event/

CSP Corcoran participates in Tip A Cop event, http://www.insidecdcr.ca.gov/2014/05/csp-corcoran-participates-in-special-olympics-northern-california-tip-a-cop-event/

Who is behind CSP Solano’s Special Olympics involvement?

Meet Lt. Marlaina Dernoncourt, http://www.insidecdcr.ca.gov/2014/10/california-state-prison-solano-lieutenant-goes-extra-mile-for-special-olympics/


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