Ironwood SP inmates on path to rehabilitation

Since its inception in 2013, Ironwood has had 792 inmates graduate from the Reentry Hub program.

Since its inception in 2013, Ironwood has had 792 inmates graduate from the Reentry Hub program.

Nearly 800 graduate CDCR’s Ironwood Reentry Hub classes

By Lt. Mike Smith, AA/Public Information Officer
Ironwood State Prison

As part of its emphasis on preparing offenders for successful transitions back to society, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) operates 13 Reentry Hubs at institutions across the state.

As of Jan. 31, 2015, the Reentry Hub at Ironwood State Prison (ISP) has had 792 graduates since its inception in 2013.

The purpose of a Reentry Hub is to provide program opportunities to inmates in the 24 months prior to their release from prison. The core of the programming is Cognitive Behavioral Treatment, an evidence-based program that addresses substance abuse, criminal thinking, anger management and family relationships.

The Reentry Hub at ISP has a program on B Facility for Sensitive Needs Yard inmates and a program on D Facility for General Population inmates. The Reentry Hub Manager, Correctional Counselor III Gale McKinney, is responsible for the programs. The Reentry hub offers the following classes for 150 participants on each facility:

  • Substance Abuse Treatment – meets five days a week for six months.
  • Criminal Thinking – meets two days a week for three months.
  • Anger Management – meets two days a week for three months.
  • Family Relationships – meets one day a week for six months.
  • Transitions – meets five days a week for five weeks.

These Reentry Hub classes help inmates create their own plan, set goals, take personal responsibility and accountability, have job readiness skills, have practical financial literacy and be able to become productive members of society. To date, the following graduates have taken place,

The following graduations have taken place, with a monthly ceremony on each facility:

  • Substance Abuse Treatment – 155
  • Criminal Thinking – 182
  • Anger Management – 166
  • Family Relations — 73
  • Transitions – 216

The Reentry Hub team at ISP works together for the same mission – to help offenders leave prison with life skills, confidence, goals, plans, better job and career skills and education, so they can succeed in their futures despite past obstacles.

The Transitions Class is run by Palo Verde Community College, Director Lupita Andrade. The Cognitive Behavior Treatment and Substance Abuse Programs are run by Phoenix House, Director, Nicholas LoGreco, Supervising Counselor Deborah Williams and Transitional Coordinator Gloria Bridget.

Evidenced-based data reveal that with this training prior to release, parolees will be less likely to reoffend, thereby reducing recidivism.

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