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  1. Paula Chomistek Tuesday, February 28, 2017 / 5:39 pm

    I worked with Greg at Salinas Valley State Prison, Department of mental Health, in the Intermediate Care Facility for 5 years. He was a great guy. He had empathy for the patients. He shared little about his personal life except to say that he loved Beagle dogs, had worked in the logging industry in numerous areas of California and was an avid fisherman. He settled in Morrow Bay area and eventually began a private practice. (This part I learned from the internet with his correct picture next to his name.) I have always known that social workers have heart. Greg sure did. He is missed. Thank you PVSP for posting his death and picture for confirmation.
    Paula Chomistek, LCSW
    Solano State Prison
    Vacaville, Ca.

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