North Kern SP staff members roll up sleeves to donate blood

North Kern State Prison staff recently rolled up their sleeves to donate blood.

North Kern State Prison staff recently rolled up their sleeves to donate blood.

By Lt. Tom Mattson, AA/Public Information Officer
North Kern State Prison

North Kern State Prison employees asked, “What does everybody have and everybody need?” The answer is, blood. In the course of a year, NKSP staff has donated over 225 units.

Acting Warden Kelly Santoro said she was proud of the prison employees for generously donating blood and helping hospitals keep a ready supply on their shelves.

The blood bank was also appreciative.

“In the years NKSP has participated in the donor program, over 275 employees have signed up to donate blood, 125 were new to the program and over half of the new donors have continued to donate,” said Tracy Hunter, Account Manager for Houchin Blood bank. “Those are super numbers.”

The blood bank’s website urges people to regularly donate since the supply quickly runs low.

“Everyday there is a medical emergency in someone’s life in which blood is crucially needed. One out of 10 people who enter the hospital will need a blood transfusion. Because blood has a shelf life of only 42 days, supplies must be replenished regularly,” the website states. “This is why people need to donate every 56 days.”

NKSP has acknowledged the importance of donating, according to officials.

The entire blood-donation process takes 20-30 minutes. The actual donation of a pint of whole blood takes 10-15 minutes. However, the time varies slightly with each person depending on several factors including the donor’s health history and attendance at the blood drive.

Staff donated blood to the local blood bank.

Staff donated blood to the local blood bank.


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  1. Emily Kendall Tuesday, October 13, 2015 / 12:23 pm

    Thank you to the employees who donated their blood. You never know when you will need a blood transfusion. I never imagined in my life that I would need one. Thank God, my daughter donated to me.

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