Above the Call: Transportation officers, associate warden help at fatal accident scene

NTH Officers Rosemary Novarro and Ronald Moore helped at the scene of a fatal accident.

NTH Officers Rosemary Novarro and Ronald Moore helped at the scene of a fatal accident.

Earlier this year, two Northern Transportation Hub (NTH) officers and an Associate Warden from High Desert State Prison (HDSP) assisted at the scene of a fatal accident.

While driving on Center Road near Susanville on Jan. 25, HDSP Associate Warden Harold Wagner saw a vehicle veer off the road and strike a juniper tree.

“I stopped my personal vehicle in a safe location and placed my emergency flashers on,” AW Wagner wrote.

He saw an NTH vehicle pass by so he flagged them down.

“The transport vehicle stopped just past the accident scene and Officers Rosemary Navarro and Ronald Moore exited the van,” he wrote.

High Desert State Prison Associate Warden Harold Wagner.

High Desert State Prison Associate Warden Harold Wagner.

The three approached the accident, asking if everyone was OK but they received no response.

“Officer Moore then used his cell phone to contact the California Correctional Center and request the fire department respond to our location,” AW Wagner wrote. “I retrieved my state-issued cell phone and called 911 and requested CHP, medical and fire department response.”

Heavy branches blocked access to the driver side of the vehicle.

“Officer Navarro proceeded to the passenger side of the vehicle (and) she began calm verbal communication with the driver/victim of the vehicle.  She reported to me that the dog inside the vehicle had been alive when she approached the vehicle but had expired shortly after,” AW Wagner wrote. “I observed Officer Navarro continue calm verbal communication with the victim of the vehicle accident, reassuring her and using gentle verbal communication to keep her calm.  She continuously asked her general questions and reported to me that the victim was going into an altered state of consciousness.”

Meanwhile, Officer Moore and AW Wagner directed traffic around the accident scene.

“Officer Navarro continually reassured the victim and attempted to keep the victim engaged in conversation in an attempt to keep her from going into shock,” according to AW Wagner. “Once the California Highway Patrol arrived at the scene, they took over as a higher level of medical care.”

The associate warden had high praise for the two transportation officers.

“Officer Navarro and Officer Moore conducted themselves in the highest level of professionalism during this incident and demonstrated their superior community service and concern for public safety. The ability to remain calm, assess the situation and to render assistance was a credit to their profession, their department, and to themselves,” he wrote.

Unfortunately, the accident victim did not survive.


3 Responses

  1. CliffordBurrage Tuesday, July 5, 2016 / 11:29 am

    This is a fine example of peace officers helping others when we as peace officers see a incident and try to help instead of turning the other cheek and ignore it because you are not on duty or you are on your way to work. Great job at being first responders.

  2. Craig S Barnard Monday, July 4, 2016 / 9:46 am

    We mourn the passing of our brothers and sisters, but we must not forget them. We will honor them at their passing but the greatest honor we can bestow is the life we give them in our hearts and memories.

  3. D. McGuire Thursday, June 30, 2016 / 6:48 pm

    This story does not surprise me! Susanville has some of the nicest people. They are kind, warm-hearted, helpful and very caring people. I am sorry to hear the victim did not survive. I also hope the staff are okay as I’m sure the situation was very tragic for them as well.

    Great job HDSP staff!

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