CDCR Time Capsule 1987: Females in Corrections

Inside CDCR unearths this 1987 look at women in corrections. The story was an effort at the time to encourage more women to join the department. Daniel J. McCarthy, the director at the time, said, “I feel anything is available to any employee, regardless of their gender, if they have the proper motivation, background experience and education.”

CDCR Time Capsule 1985: Ishi Camp is a garden center

Inside CDCR dusts off a story from 1985 focusing on a camp gardening program. The Ishi Garden Center, located at Camp #18 near Paynes Creek, situated within a rustic wilderness and game refuge area bordering beautiful tree-trimmed Plum Creek, is an inmate-operated, department-supervised garden project, producing fine quality and tastefully selected fruit and vegetable crops.