Unlocking History: Title 15 grew out of Governor literally kicking in San Quentin’s door

In 1858, the Annual Report of the Board of Prison Directors issued “rules and regulations for the government of the state prison at San Quentin.” It was signed by newly elected Gov. John B. Weller, Lt. Gov. Joseph Walkup and Secretary of State Ferris Forman. The three men literally kicked in doors to get the rules established. Eventually, those rules would form the foundation for today’s Title 15.

Unlocking History: CMC’s real story told by staff and inmates, Part 2

With the opening of California Men’s Colony East Facility in 1961, everyday life at the prison was about to change. The relationship between inmate and custody staff was unique to CMC, with inmates holding the keys to their cells. Part of the culture difference at CMC could be attributed to its staff and lower-level inmates. While a prison has walls, guard towers, yards, gates and bars, the real stories of a prison are best told by those who put on a uniform or those serving time.