Chuckawalla Valley State Prison graduates 76 inmates

On June 7, Chuckawalla Valley State Prison held a commencement ceremony for the inmate students of the Chuckawalla Valley Adult School. Graduates’ families, staff and instructors attended the ceremony to show support. Palo Verde College and representatives from universities were also in attendance.

Public safety and rehabilitation are not mutually exclusive

There is so much positive momentum in our Department.  The Governor, the Legislature, the public and even our critics are taking notice.  In spite of this, we are reminded daily of the dangerous environment that we work in. Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) had the most serious stabbing attack of an officer in its history. At Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP), over 100 inmates attacked six officers and gunner staff shot five inmates with lethal force to quell the incident. While all survived, PBSP staff – both on the ground and in the control booths – had to make split-second decisions to overcome a massive assault. These life-changing events are clear reminders that, while we focus on historic reform, we must also continue to pay attention to our basic responsibility of maintaining security in our prisons. 

Unlocking History: Visionary wardens focused on job skills and therapy, part 4

Today’s rehabilitative efforts in the state prison system can be traced back to the early days of the department. More than a century ago, visionary wardens pushed for job training, education and family engagement so former inmates could reintegrate back into society after being released from prison. Like the definition of visionary, these leaders implemented original ideas and planned the future with “imagination or wisdom.” This series takes a closer look at some of these wardens and their contributions to shaping what would become today’s CDCR. This is the fourth part in the series.

Global spotlight shines on prison entrepreneurship program

A groundbreaking prison entrepreneurship program is gaining international recognition as an innovative, inspiring way to help incarcerated people “transform their hustle” into positive change. Defy Ventures teaches inmates not just the basics of business, but also how to create a startup, from developing a solid business plan to pitching the idea to investors and implementing the business model.

DVI sees first graduates of cognitive behavioral treatment program

The cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) program at Deuel Vocational Institution recently held their first graduation ceremony. The CBT graduates completed 90-day curriculum-based courses in both Anger Management and Criminal Thinking and received certificates of achievement to recognize their attendance, participation, and efforts in addressing maladaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and working towards change in their lives.