Staff member recovering from assault at CSP-Sacramento

Staff member recovering from assault at CSP-Sacramento

A staff psychologist is recovering from an attack by an inmate at California State Prison, Sacramento (SAC), Thursday, March 15. At 10:55 a.m., inmate Edjuan Scott repeatedly punched a psychologist in her mouth in the Enhanced Outpatient Treatment Center on Facility B. The blows knocked the psychologist backward, causing her to strike her head on the ground and lose consciousness. Responding staff used physical force to stop the attack.

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CIM hosts southern regional volunteer training

Nearly 700 volunteers recently gathered at Chino’s Victory Outreach Church for special training hosted by California Institution for Men (CIM). Warden Dean Borders led the event by recognizing the efforts of the dedicated volunteers who were in attendance. The men and woman donate their time at CIM, California Rehabilitation Center and the California Institution for Women.

Parole agents connect with Long Beach community

More than 8,000 people meandered through the fourth annual Touch a Truck event in Long Beach, allowing them to get up close to over 100 vehicles on display. Kids climbed in and got behind the wheel of the state parole transport vehicle while parole agents engaged with the public.

CIM hosts Corrections Symposium with scholar

Warden Dean Borders recently hosted 29 faculty and students from California Polytechnic University at Pomona (Cal Poly) for a Correctional Symposium at the California Institution for Men (CIM). The Correctional Symposium, held Feb. 16, was the brain child of renowned author and scholar Dr. Renford Reese, Ph.D. The symposium featured inmates from all walks of life with various prison terms.

Youth firefighters get a close look at elephants, tigers and bears

Ed Stewart couldn’t help but grin when a Siberian tiger sprang from cover and charged 27 firefighters of the Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp, before pulling up short at the secure fencing surrounding its massive enclosure. “That’s a good thing,” the president and co-founder of the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) told the alarmed youth. “That means he sized you up and figured he could take you all.” The firefighters who visited the animal sanctuary recently returned from a busy fire season in Southern California and along the coast.

CSP-Sacramento donates 400 confiscated cell phones to military, veterans

Staff at California State Prison, Sacramento (SAC), is turning contraband into well-deserved calls and assistance for deployed soldiers and veterans. The introduction of cellphones into California prisons is a matter of safety and security, both for prison staff and inmates and community members outside the prison. Contraband phones allow inmates to make unauthorized and unmonitored calls to the public and in some cases to other offenders. At SAC, the staff is helping turn this contraband problem into talk time minutes for soldiers and emergency funds to help our heroes.