CHCF inmate-trained dog fulfills offender’s final wish to help others

CHCF inmate-trained dog fulfills offender’s final wish to help others

An inmate-trained dog named Tilda is off to fulfill her now deceased trainer’s final wishes by helping crime victims. In June 2016, Tilda arrived at California Health Care Facility so the pup could be trained by one of the inmates. She was 4 months old when offender Ken Millikan began working with her.  Getting Tilda trained in the basics, Millikan would encourage other inmate trainers to see the program as a way to help make amends for their past misdeeds. “I cannot change the things I have done in the past, but I can help somebody else have a better future by raising this puppy,” he would often say to the other handlers.

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Final Proposition 57 regulations approved

The Proposition 57 regulations were approved for permanent adoption by the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) and filed with the Secretary of State’s Office on Tuesday, May 1. This was the last step in codifying the regulations, which were implemented gradually last year after being approved on a temporary emergency status in April 2017.

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CCC sees 43 graduate various educational and trade programs

A total of 43 inmates participated in a graduation ceremony to celebrate obtaining General Education Diplomas, College Certifications, Transitions, and Vocational Completions at the California Correctional Center (CCC). Warden Suzanne Peery and many others were there to witness the ceremony and congratulate the inmates as they received certificates and shook hands with instructors and staff.

SATF staff donate shoes, food to Corcoran non-profit group

Staff from the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison (SATF) delivered 11 boxes of canned food and men’s athletic shoes to the Corcoran Emergency Aid last month. “Thank you so much,” said Marilyn Nolan, Executive Director of Corcoran Community Aid. “You don’t know how much the community appreciates your donations.” On hand to help pass out the donations on June 7 were Correctional Officer Joaquin Villareal, Compliance Analyst Jeanette Bragg, Community Resources Manager Jason Moore and Community Resources Office Technician Ashley Engen.

Unlocking History: 1911 play ushers in ‘new era’ of rehabilitation

The notion of arts in a correctional setting has roots dating back to 1911, when an innovative program, coordinated with private partners as well as a grizzled old steamship captain, came to fruition. According to many accounts, it was the first time inmates were entertained by an outside theatrical group. The tale presented to the offenders was one of hope after parole. Thanks to this initial offering, arts in a correctional setting evolved to become a recognized rehabilitative tool.

New CHCF pup named in honor of K-9 killed in crash

When a new puppy arrived for training at California Health Care Facility, the first order of business was deciding on a suitable name. Many suggestions were made but eventually staff decided to name the dog after one lost in the line-of-duty in 2013.

Wasco, North Kern prison honor guard team recognizes 57 fallen Kern County peace officers

Wasco State Prison-Reception Center and North Kern State Prison’s Honor Guard team members came together as one, joining other area law enforcement agencies at the 2018 Kern County Peace Officer Memorial Service held in Bakersfield on May 18.  In attendance was Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh who joined the many law enforcement personnel in honoring the 57 Kern County Peace Officers who have died in the line of duty. 

Above the Call: Two CSP-SAC officers save choking coworker

A normal day for Correctional Officers T. Castech and C. Peterson quickly turned into saving the life of a fellow officer. “I was inside the B Gym staff office talking to Officer C. Petterson. Officer Zerr was sitting in the B Gym Yard Office eating his lunch when all of a sudden, (he) pushed himself away from his desk, dropping his sandwich and flopping around his upper torso in his chair, waving his arms and scooting his feet towards the trash can near Officer C. Peterson and I,” said Officer Castech of the April 19 incident. 

Ishi Fire Camp showcases skills of inmate firefighters

During the Fire Preparedness Exercise, 43 fire crews were evaluated for safety performance, physical conditioning, and firefighting knowledge. The fire crews hiked approximately four miles to the “incident” site, constructed fire lines, and deployed fire shelters under simulated emergency conditions.

CMF takes part in Critical Incident Training

California Medical Facility (CMF) took part in a ground-breaking Critical Incident Training (CIT) on June 6. This innovative exercise allowed custody staff, medical staff, mental health staff, and various classifications to work as a team.

RJD donates more than $20,000 to combat homelessness

Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJDCF) has donated over $20,000 for charities around San Diego County. The main focus of RJDCF’s charitable work has been combatting the growing problem of homelessness in San Diego. In January alone, RJDCF donated nearly $15,000 to charities fighting for this cause.