DAPO recognizes parole promotions with special ceremony

DAPO recognizes parole promotions with special ceremony

A promotional ceremony recognizing and celebrating the recent promotions within the Central and Southern Parole Districts in the Northern Parole Region was held March 12.  The event was held at the Bakersfield Parole Office, with the posting of colors performed by the North Kern State Prison Honor Guard and the National Anthem sung by Des’ree Gardner, daughter of Bakersfield Parole Office Tech and event committee chair Aurora Muniz.

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Unlocking History: Woman who sought ‘boy’s life’ lands in San Quentin in 1909

Jean “Bessie” Barclay, daughter of a prominent attorney, found life for women in the early 1900s limiting and stifling. Bucking conventional customs of the time, she frequently ran away from home as a teenager, disguised in male clothing. She claimed to be seeking a life of adventure, not one at the beck-and-call of men. In modern society, her fate would probably have been very different but in that time period, a woman wearing men’s clothing and taking on men’s jobs was unacceptable. By 1911, she found herself under a doctor’s knife to supposedly cure her of her penchant for thievery.

LA Central Parole District thanks staff for hard work

On Feb. 27, the Los Angeles Central Parole District held its annual Staff Appreciation Day for 2019. This event has proven to be one of great anticipation because it reunites both current and former LA Central Staff; brings current and retired CDCR/DAPO Agents/Supervisors/Managers together; and serves as a forum to reveal, discuss, and implement the district’s annual objectives and goals.

DAPO agents discuss careers at CRIM Talk at CSU-Fresno

On Feb. 25, Agent Fong Thor and Unit Supervisor Eddie Tostado participated in a Criminology Talk at CSU-Fresno. Agent Thor is a Fresno State alum and was invited to talk about his experiences. He spoke about his life after graduation and to becoming a parole agent. Agent Thor talked about how rewarding the job can be. Also, he explained his current assignment as a GPS agent monitoring parolees who are sex offenders.

Women’s history honored at RJD inaugural event

Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJD) held its first National Women’s History Month celebration on Friday, Mar. 8. The event was organized by Associate Warden (AW) of Healthcare Services Carie Covel; Chief Psychologist Sonia Bahro; Chief Nursing Executive (CNE) Mia Farrell and Public Information Officer (PIO) Lt. Jennifer Davies. Warden Patrick Covello and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mary Ann Glynn kicked off the celebration. Attendees were treated to a light lunch, refreshments, giveaways, presentations and entertainment.

Parole agents, CDCR officers join local law enforcement to target crime in Long Beach

A Feb. 11 operation in an area of Long Beach found agents from the Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO), CDCR’s Division of Adult Institution K9 handlers and the Long Beach Police Department’s narcotics task force serving search warrants and targeting crime in the city. The Operation was a success and resulted in multiple arrests and discovery of narcotics.

Parole agents inspire young readers through Seuss books

On Friday, Mar. 1, Parole Agents Farrah Gamez, Jasmine Lopez and PA II Susan Collins volunteered at Evergreen Elementary School for Read Across America’s Dr. Seuss Day. The Agents split up with each of them reading a Dr. Seuss book in three or four different classrooms. They also briefly described their job and answered questions from fifth-graders and read to a special needs/autistic class of students ranging from first through third grades.

Parole agents hit the books for kids

Northern Region California Parole Apprehension Team Agents recently participated in a Read Across America event at Creekside Elementary School in Stockton.