CALPIA’s Commercial Dive Program makes splash with re-dedication ceremony

CALPIA’s Commercial Dive Program makes splash with re-dedication ceremony

The Leonard Greenstone Memorial Marine Technology Training Center, at California Institution for Men, certifies inmates in commercial diving and underwater welding. It offers offender the chance to change their life trajectory through high-paying jobs available when they are released. Less than 7 percent of the inmates who graduate from the program reoffend. After a two-year remodeling effort, the diving center was re-dedicated on Dec. 5.

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Mule Creek recognizes 236 graduates at special ceremonies

On Oct. 26, 2018, Creekside Adult School at Mule Creek State Prison celebrated the accomplishments of 236 students in four graduation ceremonies. The formal graduations recognized college graduates, high school diploma graduates, General Education Development (GED) recipients, Career Technical Education program completions, and the Division of Rehabilitative Program (DRP) accomplishments. These graduations mark the second formal joint Education Department celebration in concert with DRP. The graduates represent the extraordinary efforts by the team of educators and DRP counselors who provide academic and treatment support to the students who have persevered despite the challenges of being incarcerated.

Unlocking History: Early inmates included a movie fan, actors turned bandits

Those who walk the toughest beat in the state deal with people who made very poor choices. From car thieves to those facing insurmountable medical debt, the reasons some of those early inmates landed in state prisons are varied. The following inmates, who served their time in the early 1900s, range from actors who turned to crime and a movie fan who emulated the silver screen’s cowboy bandits to another inmate who turned his prison experiences into a play to urge reform.

Berlin, LA probation officers tour San Quentin

CDCR was honored to play a small role in an innovative law enforcement exchange program when it hosted probation officers from Los Angeles County and Germany on a tour of San Quentin State Prison. The LA County Probation representatives and Berlin’s juvenile probation department took part in a significant immersion program this year, exchanging ideas and learning from one another at home and abroad. LA County Probation Chief Terri McDonald, who spent 25 years in public service at CDCR, believes in the benefit of experiencing different cultures and correctional practices, and so enrolled a delegation in the Checkpoint Charlie Exchange Program, which organizes multicultural visits and events designed to further American-German relations.

Fenner Canyon Conservation Camp helps facility for tigers, leopards, other exotic felines

Fenner Canyon Conservation Camp #41, located in the mountain range above Valyermo, has initiated a volunteer partnership with the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound – Feline Conservation Center, located in Rosamond. The camp refurbishing the various cat enclosures and constructed dwelling boxes, stairs and platforms for the cats. Some painting and cement work was also provided.

North Kern golf tournament benefits charities

On Oct. 12, North Kern State Prison held its second Warden’s Charity Golf Tournament at North Kern Golf Course in Bakersfield. There were 38 teams with 152 participants. Volunteers, sponsors and donors made the tournament a huge success.

Kern Valley State Prison drills for mass casualty incident

On Nov. 7, Kern Valley State Prison (KVSP) staff conducted their inaugural Mass Casualty Incident Drill. Approximately 150 KVSP staff converged on Facility D for an exciting day of training. This training was the culmination of a year of preparation in collaboration with state and local agencies, working to provide the most realistic training environment possible. 

Centinela prison marks 25 years of public safety

On Oct. 30, Centinela State Prison (CEN) opened its doors to the public for a celebration of its 25-year anniversary. Employees, their families and friends along with retired employees and dignitaries were invited to attend the event, organized and funded by the Centinela Employee Activities Committee.

SATF inmates raise $4,700 for American Red Cross

The California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison at Corcoran (SATF), along with the inmate population, were able to execute inmate food sales across the institution to raise money for disaster relief to the American Red Cross.