Inmate attack on correctional officers under investigation at KVSP

Inmate attack on correctional officers under investigation at KVSP

Two correctional officers are recovering from injuries sustained during an attack by inmates Saturday at Kern Valley State Prison (KVSP). At 3:38 p.m. Saturday, April 21, about 12 inmates began punching and kicking two correctional officers in the dayroom of a dorm at KVSP’s Minimum-Support Facility. Responding staff ordered all inmates to get down, and non-involved inmates complied, while the attackers continued to strike the officers. The officers responded with physical force, but were unable to quell the attack. Responding staff used pepper spray to stop the attack and separate the inmates from the officers.

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Secretary’s Corner: CDCR tackling tough issues

I am not sure this organization truly understands the significant achievements it has realized in the last few years. I also fully appreciate that some, both inside and out, may not even view these changes as achievements. These naysayers will focus on the indisputable “bad things” that happen both in the prisons and on parole. These “bad things” have been a part of incarceration in our state since a prison boat was docked in the San Francisco bay in the 1850s. It is even more remarkable that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has persevered throughout this remarkable period of reform of our criminal justice system while still managing the other daily problems we face.

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CSP-Solano celebrates women in corrections

In the book “Feminine Mysitique,” Betty Friedan wrote, “The only way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own.” In honor of International Women’s Day, CSP-Solano staff took these words to heart and created an event, which turned into a tradition, honoring women in corrections.

State Agency Recognition Awards given to CDCR staff

CDCR staff and sites were recently recognized for outstanding commitment to excellence and contributions to the success of the state of California’s Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SB/DVBE) program.
The presentations were made at the 18th Annual State Agency Recognition Awards (SARA) ceremony held earlier this year. The SARA honors State departments for outstanding achievements in Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SB/DVBE) advocacy and for contracting success.

CSP-Solano Officer does the heavy lifting for gold medals

When you hear names like Jessie Owens, Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis or Usain Bolt, Olympic greatness comes to mind. Each an extraordinary athlete in their own right, they pursued their passion with consistency and determination. The same can be said for CDCR’s very own, Correctional Officer Patricia Hamashin. She currently works at CSP-Solano and has been competing in the World Police and Fire Games (WPFG) for many years.

CDCR Time Capsule 1970s: Officer training video emphasizes empathy

California Medical Facility was given an 8mm film that appears to have been shot in the mid- to late-1970s or possibly the early 1980s. Titled, “The Correctional Officer: Doing Time – Life as an inmate,” the video was a training tool for correctional officers to help improve the relationship between inmates and staff. In the mid-1970s, the corrections department, along with the California Youth Authority, started a training academy for correctional officers. This video was part of those early efforts.

Office of Business Services seeks information on antique switchboard

CDCR’s Office of Business Services (OBS) is seeking any information related to a technological relic they believe once served to connect Folsom State Prison to the outside world. Received in 2007, an antique telephone switchboard sits on the second floor of OBS. Covered in notes, the OBS staff is asking questions. How old is it? When was it in service? Did it actually come from Folsom Prison? OBS reached out to Inside CDCR to see what information could be gleaned from the clues on the device. The manufacturer’s mark is Western Electric but there is no manufacturing date.

COMIO renamed Council on Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health

Chapter 269, Statutes of 2017 included a name change for COMIO – going forward we will be known as the Council on Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health (CCJBH). Along with this name change, and other language in the bill, come exciting benefits and new activities for 2018. In the coming months we will be updating our website and other materials to reflect our new name.