On January 8, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Department of Finance unveiled a proposed fiscal year 2010-11 budget that focuses on public safety while ensuring only adults and youth convicted of major crimes are housed in CDCR facilities.

The Governor’s proposed 2010-11 budget would provide the CDCR with an operating budget of $8.8 billion for 2010-11, an increase of $220 million from the revised 2009-10 budget, but a decrease of $1.7 billion from the 2008-09 budget.

Most significant for CDCR are the general fund reductions that focus on reducing inmate populations through changes in state law and changing what crimes merit prison. Significant general fund reductions include nearly $334 million through reduced adult and juvenile populations and more than an $800 million reduction to the federal receiver’s office.

The reductions do not include the impact of the Governor’s proposal to eliminate furloughs on June 30, 2010, and replace it with a three-part plan that totals approximately a 15 percent reduction in personnel costs statewide.

The average annual per-inmate cost for adult institutions will be $44,563, and for juvenile justice wards, it will be $224,712.

CDCR General Fund Reductions

The budget proposal includes a reduction of $41.3 million and corresponding juvenile offender population declines due to proposed statutory changes to reduce the juvenile offender population. This will result in a 400 youth population reduction for fiscal year 2010-2011.

The budget includes a decrease of $291.6 million related to proposed statutory changes that would require county jail time instead of state prison for certain felonies. This will result in a 12,600 adult inmate reduction for fiscal year 2010-2011.
15 Percent Cut to Payroll Costs
CDCR will join other state departments by replacing the existing furlough with the following three changes to overall personnel costs:
Five percent increase in all employees’ monthly pension contribution to retirement with CalPERS;

Five percent reduction in all salaries,
And, five percent reduction in the cost of the state workforce payroll implemented by Governor’s Executive Order S-01-10, which requires all department directors to reduce their payrolls by five percent before July 2010.