A partnership that goes beyond CDCR doors, to include family and community members who play an important role in creating a safety net for youth, is the latest effort by the Department to encourage family involvement in the treatment of juvenile offenders.

A newly released video by the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) provides family members with an overview and tour of the five institutions and two fire camps where their sons and daughters may be housed during their stay with the DJJ. The video is a first for the DJJ, and recognizes that in some cases travel is difficult for family members who face geographic hurdles to visit youth referred by counties to DJJ facilities.

The 18-minute video is a virtual tour of facilities throughout the state, focusing on each, giving family members locations and what each looks like. Interviews with DJJ superintendents and staff highlight the treatment types and educational services available at each location, while emphasizing the opportunities for families to visit or become more involved with the youth and the programs.

“Our goal is that the young men and women committed to the Division of Juvenile Justice leave us with the tools they need to lead successful lives in their homes and communities,” said DJJ Chief Deputy Secretary Bernard Warner. “We produced the video to give families a better sense of the DJJ environment where their sons and daughters will be living, as well as the education and treatment services they are provided every day.”

Copies of the video are in English and will soon be available in Spanish, and will be provided to each family of a youth committed to the DJJ during orientation sessions that occur before the youth arrives at a DJJ facility.
To see the video, visit this link: DJJ Tour Here!