On April 8th the soccer series between the Amador High School Buffalos and the Pine Grove Green Waves was renewed for the third year.
The initial game was played in 2007 with Amador High School recording the first victory over the Green Waves with a final score of 3 to 0. Last year the tide had turned and the Green Waves won the game by the score of 2 to 1. Upon arriving to the soccer field, the two teams met at the middle of the field and shook hands. Each participant introduced themselves before the start of the opening kickoff. Not only did the Pine Grove team introduce themselves by name but they personalized their introductions by stating their home town.

Both teams played an excellent defensive game — which left both offenses frustrated with few opportunities to break through the wall. This resulted in the offenses missing several scoring opportunities.

Prior to the end of the first half Pine Grove’s Santos Carrillo inadvertently kicked the ball in his team’s goal giving the Amador High School team a 1 to 0 lead. The teams played two, forty-five minute periods with a fifteen minute intermission. During the middle portion of the second half a player from Amador High School scored another goal. The final score was Amador High School Buffalos 2 and Pine Grove Green Waves 0.

Both teams had a great time and at the end of the contest joined together for a combined team photo. Pine Grove Camp would like to extend a special thanks to the Coach of Amador High School for giving the Camp their old High School Team Jerseys to wear for practice. A rematch is scheduled between the teams on April 22nd.

Will the Green Waves be up for the challenge and tie the series 2 to 2? Only time will tell!