The Division of Adult Operations (DAPO) graduated its first California Parole Apprehension Team (CPAT). The team uses intelligence in the search for and apprehension of parolees-at-large (PALs).

“The graduation of this academy accomplishes a critical component of public safety in yet another milestone for the Division of Adult Parole Operation’s Five Year Roadmap,” said DAPO Director Robert Ambroselli.

A core component of parole reform is the activation of this team to apprehend parolees who abscond from parole supervision and represent a significant risk to the public, said Ambroselli.

The CPAT mission to enhance public safety through intervention and parolee at large apprehension is paramount in how DAPO provides community protection. The teams also include a CPAT Intelligence Unit housed at each regional headquarters. Their responsibility includes the use of state of the art software and automated techniques to locate and collect information, and eventually capturing parolees that have been on the run for years.

To date, the CPAT Intelligence Units and CPAT apprehension teams have located or arrested more than 600 PALs.

Training consists of an academy operated by the Office of Correctional Safety (OCS) with a curriculum developed specifically for CPAT team members to provide them training in the areas of laws of arrest, surveillance, tactical firearms and entry operations.

The 25 member team will be assigned to various field teams that are located in Sacramento, Concord, Los Angeles and San Diego. Additionally, there are CPAT Intelligence units housed in each regional headquarters office.
For more information on DAPO, please visit their website at: https://intranet/ops/AO/dapo/Pages/default.aspx