In April, Ironwood State Prison (ISP) held its 13th Annual 2010 Commencement Exercise in which more than 160 inmates received diplomas and certificates.

In conjunction with the Desert Oasis Adult School, ISP held two commencement ceremonies on Facility “A” and Facility “D” for approximately 164 inmates who received their General Education Diploma’s (GED) and Vocational Certificates. Inmates from all five facilities were in attendance to participate in the ceremony, along with invited family members that were authorized to attend the ceremony.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and we the graduating class of 2010 have just taken that step.” Said inmate George Lepe addressing the Class of 2010 “one of the great things this life offers us is the opportunity of self discovery”

“As the new Warden of ISP, I am glad to see such a large group of individuals achieve some of their life goals and dreams of furthering their education.” said Timothy Busby, Warden (A). “All this would not be possible if it was not for the hard work and support of the institutional staff and families of the graduates.”

The mission of Ironwood State Prison (ISP) is to improve public safety through the confinement of minimum and medium custody male offenders, while providing them the life improvement skills needed to successfully re-integrate back into society upon parole.
ISP is comprised of four (4) Level III (medium security) facilities within its security perimeter and (1) Minimum Support Facility (minimum security) outside of the security perimeter area. ISP was opened February 1, 1994, covers 640 acres and houses approximately 4,000 inmates.