During the first match between the Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp Green Waves and the Amador High School Buffalos on April 8th, the Buffalos won by a score of 2-0 with both teams leaving many scoring opportunities on the field.
On May 3, from the opening kick, Pine Grove took an aggressive stance and scored early on with a long kick by Trent Maielua. As the two teams played an excellent defensive game, the ball continued to be kicked in both team’s territory with no scoring. However, just before half time, a Buffalos player was fouled near the Green Waves goal, received a penalty kick, and was successful. The score at halftime was tied at 1-1.
The Pine Grove Green Waves entered the second period, with a full frontal assault on the Buffalos goal. Pine Grove took 22 shots at the Buffalos’ goal and the Buffalos answered back with only seven shots. Pine Grove’s Trent Maielua scored the first goal of the second period and the final goal was scored by Salvador Puga of Pine Grove with approximately five minutes remaining. The final score was 3-1 with Pine Grove victorious.
Both teams played a spirited game, and afterward shook hands and congratulated each other for a very competitive contest. Just as last year, the final outcome of the two game series was a split. The Pine Grove Green Waves look forward to competing against the Amador High School Buffalos again in the spring of 2011.