Last week Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) (A) Warden Javier Cavazos accepted the “Perpetual Trophy” from a regional blood bank when they announced CCWF netted the most blood donations during a recent competition amongst law enforcement agencies.

CCWF had 160 registered donors, resulting in a total of 116 units of blood collected.

Volunteers give blood at CCWF.

“Battle of the Badges” is a competition arranged by the Central Valley Blood Center to gather blood donations from Central Valley Law Enforcement personnel, their friends, and their families. Participating in the North Valley Battle of the Badges are Madera, Mariposa, and Fresno county law enforcement agencies. The battle began nine years ago as a two-day event with approximately 400 registered donors.

“This was definitely a great year for us in the Battle of the Badges,” said Warden Cavazos. “I would like to thank all of the staff who participated and the administrators here at CCWF that worked so hard in making sure that the employees were made aware of the blood drive and enabled them to participate.”

This year, the event was a huge success, lasting two weeks, averaging an astounding 2,500 donors throughout the law enforcement agencies, according to Darla Silviera, with the Central Valley Blood Center.

“Warden Cavazos was such a great motivator and the participation this year under his leadership was amazing,” said Silviera. “CCWF had more donors than it has had in the seven or eight years in which the institution has been participating, primarily because of the focused efforts of Javier.”

CCWF staff was so generous with donations that the blood center had to call in two extra blood collection vans. The California Chicano Correctional Workers Association supplied pizza and soda to all donors. This effort would not have been as successful without collaborative efforts between CCWF, law enforcement and local businesses, all of who supplied donations for a raffle following the blood drive.

Silveria noted that her organization has been orchestrating this blood drive for nearly a decade, and that both women’s prisons in Chowchilla have participated for the last eight years. She added that the amount of donors at the institution was equal to roughly 10 percent of the employee base. She said that this is an unusually high percentage of a typical workforce.

Silviera also thanked Greg Schoonard for his organization of the committee for this years blood drive. Silviera said, “It was because of the energy and organization of Javier and Greg that CCWF was able to win the perpetual trophy.”

Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of the Battle of the Badges. There will be a competition in effort to design a T-shirt commemorating the anniversary. Subsequently the shirt will be given to each person who donates blood during the North Valley Battle of the Badges. CCWF plants to participate and intends to get as many donors as possible.
Congratulations to CCWF on winning this award!

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