All First Line Supervisors to Attend


The Division of Adult Parole Operations’ (DAPO) held a graduation ceremony for the first Parole Supervisors Academy on May 27, 2010.


The academy is a three-week academy that gives first line parole supervisors a solid foundation to start their management careers. The academy was very successful in offering the supervisors different tools, techniques and strategies to perform tasks and manage their staff.


“The unit supervisors are at the core of facilitating the successfully implementation of the DAPO Five-Year Roadmap to Our Future and parole reform,” said DAPO Director Robert Ambroselli. “They are tasked with the responsibility of conveying the mission to those they supervise and playing the leading role in the implementation of all the components of parole reform.”



The interaction with their colleagues and instructors was invaluable. The participants gained a broader view of DAPO and their place within the organization.


All Parole Agent Supervisors will be attending this academy. More than 200 parole agent supervisors are expected to attend these trainings. This process is expected to take some 18 months, in an effort to be sensitive to workload and the state’s fiscal environment.


The academy is part of the DAPO Five-Year Roadmap to Our Future. DAPO is making progress in achieving the milestones of the Five-Year Roadmap to Our Future which includes:



  • Parole Supervisor Academy 
  • Implementing Non-Revocable Parole
  •  Establishing a Field Training Officer Program for new employees
  •  Establishing the California Parole Apprehension Team (CPAT)
  • Placing 1,000 gang members on Active GPS Supervision
  • Increasing number of electronic monitoring units to use for alternative sanctions
  • Implementing recommendations of the California Parole Reform Taskforce
  • Reducing caseloads for parole agents to 48:1
  • Reducing span of control for District Administrators 8:1 to 5:1
  • Assist parolees in participating in re-entry court programs


The Parole Supervisors Academy offers a practical based, learning environment which give supervisors an opportunity to share experiences and standardized practices throughout the state. The core curriculum of the Parole Supervisor Academy consists of general supervision courses, business services courses, parole field operations courses and computer courses.

DAPO is dedicated to achieving the highest level of professionalism to meet the mission of reintegration of parolees into society and keeping California communities safe. For more information on the mission of DAPO, please visit the internet at