As part of the reentry process, Pine Grove Camp case manager Richard Forster, helped youth Darnell Banks open a bank account to deposit some of his hard earned firefighting pay he earned to help him prepare for a new life when he is paroled.

Forster and Banks went to Bank of America in Jackson to open checking and savings accounts and received an ATM card for his use after he is paroled in August. Banks met with a personal banker and the bank manager and received financial advice and a planner. The bank showed him how to invest his funds in safe locations and then described the terms of any investments he made. The various risks were explained to Banks, dependant on the types of investment on which he decides.

“The Bank of America and their staff have been instrumental in working with our youth to prepare them for life after incarceration and to make smart decisions with their money in the outside world,” said DJJ case manager Richard Forster.

The bank staff requires a California identification and social security number and the proper personal information to facilitate the account process. Pine Grove Camp will continue to work with Bank of America in Jackson to assist our youth to be successful in their transition to the community.

“I really need to save my money and learn how to use it wisely,” said Banks after his crash course in saving and investing. “I want my family to be secure in the future with the money I earn.”