The June mailing of 1,357 State Restriction of Appointment (SROA) notices to employees at CDCR Headquarters delivered evidence of California’s continuing fiscal crisis to mailboxes at home.

The SROA notices, the result of the “Spring 2011 Headquarters Layoff Plan,” were sent not only to the 400 employees whose positions are being eliminated, but to others who could be affected by the movement of employees in eliminated positions to other positions based on seniority.

The layoffs don’t become effective Oct. 1, 2011, but the Office of Employee Wellness has created a site on the Internet, as well as the Intranet, to provide staff with information about layoff plans, resources, services, seminars and an explanation of and answers to frequently asked questions about the SROA process. The site will be updated routinely throughout the layoff process.

Internet link:

Intranet link: https://intranet/ei/ER/Pages/Layoff11.aspx