Staff at RJ Donovan Correctional Facility inaugurated the State’s first prison worm compost ranch. They were joined by staff from the San Diego County Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency as RJD Warden George Neotti unveiled the vermicomposting operation.

The process uses worms to make compost from food scraps.

“Once again RJD is on the cutting edge with this ground-breaking venture that ultimately will save thousands of dollars by diverting food waste from the landfill to our vermiculture farm”, said Neotti.

This project will help beautify the landscape of the prison grounds and can lead to an agricultural program that, in turn, could help reduce the current prison food cost, officials said.

“It can be a very innovative training program in our efforts to rehabilitate inmates and in our focus to assist inmates with the re-entry process in the community,” said Frank Ruffino, RJD’s Community Partnership Manager.