By OPEC Staff

As California’s largest state agency, CDCR has sought ways to reduce its energy use and costs by at least 20 percent as part of the statewide Green Initiative.

CDCR hired Verdiem, an information technology energy management and efficiency software company, to measure its computing energy use.

Verdiem’s Surveyor software determined the department’s baseline annual computer energy cost at $2.65 million.

Using Surveyor to establish power management policies for shifting the department’s approximately 34,000 networked personal computers into lower power states, CDCR will save approximately $750,000 a year.
Under the new policy, between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., workstations go to sleep following two hours of inactivity. Between 5 and 10 p.m., workstations go to sleep if inactive for 30 minutes. After 10 p.m., the workstations wake for software patches and a virus scan, and then go to sleep until 7 a.m.

Previously, CDCR employees were encouraged to shut down computers at night to save energy, but using the Surveyor software to automatically shift them into sleep mode, the department was able to achieve and sustain an additional 28 percent reduction in energy use.

In addition to the cost savings, the savings in carbon emissions helped CDCR reduce its carbon footprint and reach its compliance goal with California’s Green Initiative for public agencies.

“Green information technology (IT) remains a key strategic priority for CDCR,” said Joe Panora, Director of the Division of Enterprise Information Services for CDCR. “We will continue to explore IT solutions to reduce our overall greenhouse gas emissions and power consumption.”

For more information regarding CDCR’s actions to reduce energy consumption and California’s Green Initiative, visit the Department of General Service’s Green California website: