By Latisha Fairley, Parole Services Associate

The Foundation of California State University of San Bernardino Day Reporting Center (FCSUSB-DRC) celebrated its first year of operations on February 3 and honored the achievements of the inaugural graduating class, several of whom have discharged active parole supervision and have obtained employment as a result of the program.

The event focused on the contributions of the DRC staff, and those of community agencies that help the Division of Adult Parole Operations provide the support services to parolees at risk of violating parole or returning to custody. The agencies include Goodwill, San Bernardino Adult School, San Bernardino Employment and Training Agency, the California Conservation Corps, and the California Department of Transportation.

The event was hosted by Dr. Carolyn Eggleston, principal of DRC and director of the Center for the Center of Correctional Education at CSU-San Bernardino. It honored all of the students who completed their case plans and program components designed to enhance their success with community reintegration. The graduating students transitioned into the DRC Alumni Group and will now act as mentors to the students coming into the DRC.

Several graduating students took the initiative to speak about their experiences on parole and to discuss the benefits of the DRC program.  They also thanked Dr. Eggleston, Elaine Zucco, Program Director and the rest of the DRC staff, who all work at the college and yet find time still help them with their personal case plans.

Among those attending were Tim Fowler, Regional Parole Administrator; Kenneth Ford, Chief Deputy Parole Administrator; Robert Alfaro, District Parole Administrator; Rossano Gramajo, PA III Unit Supervisor, and other field parole agents.

Guest speakers included Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter; Albert K. Karnig, president of California State University, San Bernardino; Suzy Loftus, special assistant to California Attorney General Kamala Harris; San Bernardino City Councilwoman Virginia Marquez; State Senator Gloria Negrete McCleod; San Bernardino Mayor Patrick J. Morris; San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos; and Elizabeth Siggins, Director of CDCR Division of Rehabilitative Programs.