By Staff | Enterprise Information Services

CDCR employees now have access to the Department’s Internet website and many other State government websites. 

“Our goal was to expand and improve communications for more than 45,000 CDCR staff members,” said Joe Panora, Director of EIS.  “Providing Internet access to other California state agencies for CDCR’s authenticated users was a big step and is a huge success.”

To access the Internet, a CDCR employee needs a CDCR User Account.  An account will allow an employee to log onto at any CDCR workstation.  If you do not have a CDCR User Account, contact your management and local IT staff. 

“Our plan was to provide a secure and easy way for CDCR staff to access employee resources and other job-related information available on the Internet,” said Thomas Gonzales, CDCR Webmaster.  “With help from several divisions at CDCR, we have achieved this goal.” 

For any suggestions for this process, please visit the Intranet EIS webpage at:  https://intranet/ADM/EIS/Pages/default.aspx