‘Lessons-learned’ session prompts changes to Wave 2

By OPEC | Staff

In Wave 1 of the most recent layoffs, a total of 404 CDCR employees are being laid off, most effective February 29, according to figures from the Resource Planning and Reduction Section (RPRS). 
Of the 404, 55 were Correctional Officers who obtained PICO status – Permanent Intermittent Correctional Officer – through the SROA process.

The effective date for some of the layoffs were postponed – until March 30 for 36 employees and until April 2 for one – because discrepancies in seniority scores meant additional employees had to be notified.
While the number of employees laid off is relatively small, almost any CDCR employee can testify that it doesn’t tell the entire story.

Judy Gelein, Deputy Director, Human Resources, said that in the last few years the total number CDCR employees has been dropping, to about 49,000 currently.

Wave 1 did not flow entirely smoothly, according to Gelein.  For that reason, “lessons learned” sessions were conducted with staff, and many of the changes recommended will be incorporated for Wave 2.
Wave 1 SROA notices were based solely on seniority, with letters sent to more than 26,000 CDCR employees who had less than 10 years state service. Wave 2 will be targeted by classification.
Wave 2 will be divided into custody and non-custody.  Gelein said the tentative date for Wave 2
 SROA letters to go out to custody staff is May 1. The Voluntary Transfer Plan for that group will begin at that time. There also will be a new period for disputing seniority scores, which probably will begin at the end of March. In the meantime, institutions will be reporting “overs” and “unders” – situations in which there are too many staff in a class and where there are vacancies in those classes. When possible, mitigation efforts will be made.

Wave 2 SROA letters for non-custody staff are tentatively scheduled for June 30. The Voluntary Transfer Process is scheduled to begin May 1. CDCR maintains a Sharepoint site where hiring authorities maintain information related to their vacancies. Viable CDCR vacancies are extracted and posted at: https://www.cdcr.ca.gov/vacancies/

Gelein said among the “lessons learned” during Wave 1 was the need for better communication about the layoffs and the process. She said the Layoffs Resources webpage at https://www.cdcr.ca.gov/layoffresources/index.html will be expanded to include a page of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Margie McCune and Alicia Grant in RPRS both stressed that staff should use all layoff resources available to them. They said that after a Wave 2 timeline has been finalized, it will be posted the Layoff Resources web page at: https://www.cdcr.ca.gov/layoffresources/index.html.

Grant said there’s “a wealth of information on the Layoff Resources page. “If someone is confused about the options worksheet  –

“– that’s why we have the video posted,” McCune said, finishing her sentence.
And if questions remain, they said, call the Hot Line at (877) 297-5599.