By OPEC | Staff

The Resource Planning and Reduction Section (RSPS) has posted the “Overs and Unders” report for Wave 2 reductions on the Layoff Resources website, which can be seen at:

The report provides information for anyone interested in seeking a Voluntary Transfer prior to the start of Wave 2 for non-custody classifications, which is scheduled to being May 1.

The over/under spreadsheet provides the number of positions being reduced in Wave 2 by classification at specific locations. It also provides the number of current vacancies in the classification for that location.

It should be noted that the listed vacancies include positions that will be eliminated in Wave 2, but do not include positions being held for mandatory right of return, medical placements or with temporary funding. They also may include positions currently filled by limited-term appointments.

Vacancies that are based on inmate population may be de-activated and no longer available.
The final column in the over/unders spreadsheet shows the number of staff members impacted in the classification at the specific location.

The numbers in the report are current as of March 1, but the number of vacancies and number of impacted staff will change due to placements and hiring.  Also, additional reductions may be made in the near future.