By Staff | OPEC

A boiler upgrade by CDCR has been honored by the Southern California Gas Co. for reducing natural gas use more than any other government project in the state in 2011.

The boiler retrofit completed at the California Correctional Institution at Tehachapi was presented with the Government Award in March at the utility’s Business Expo Awards in Pomona.  The annual event recognizes public and private organizations that achieved the greatest success in energy-efficiency projects.

Renovations to the boiler system heat water more efficiently for about a quarter of the 1,650-acre complex, which reduces natural gas consumption by 345,322 therms, slightly more than the natural gas consumed each year by 10,000 average California households.

The new system also reduces the electricity needed to pump the water more than three miles by 430,116 kilowatt hours, equal to the annual electrical use of 730 average California households.  The increased efficiency will save CDCR about $315,000 on its annual utility bills.

Also in March, CDCR was presented with the 2012 Northern Regional Integrated Award by Pacific Gas and Electric Co. for the department’s participation in many of the utility’s energy-efficiency programs, including energy-saving design in new construction, the use of solar photovoltaic cells to generate electricity, and pricing programs that encourage electricity use during less-expensive off-peak times.
The boiler upgrade and the energy saving programs are administered by the Energy, Sustainability and Infrastructure Section of CDCR’s Facilities’ Division.