By Staff | OPEC
The need for contraband-search dogs spreads across all law enforcement agencies. In the spirit of cooperation and assistance, Sgt. Wayne Conrad, Statewide Coordinator for CDCR’s K-9 Program, trained and donated a German shepherd to the Vacaville Police Department.

The 15-month old German shepherd, named Henry, was donated to CDCR when his previous owner could no longer keep him. After an evaluation, Conrad saw that Henry needed a job, but CDCR didn’t have a position available.

Conrad knew Vacaville police were looking for a contraband-search K-9, but didn’t have the cost of training in the budget. Sgt. Conrad agreed to train Henry at no cost.

Henry picked up narcotic detection like he was doing it his whole life, and within three weeks he was certified for marijuana, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine detection. He received his final certification on May 4 and is assigned to the Vacaville Police Department’s Street Enforcement Team.
This is the second time CDCR has assisted the Vacaville with the training of a narcotic detection K-9.