By Staff | OPEC

Staff from the CDCR Parole and Institutions divisions participated in the Baker to Vegas Law Enforcement Challenge Cup Relay, a 120-mile relay race through the Mojave Desert, April 21-22.
The Parole and Institutions Team was composed of male and female peace officers and volunteers, and competed against numerous other law enforcement teams from across the state in the race from Bakersfield to Las Vegas.

“Given the record temperatures, the rigorous course, and the challenges faced, all participants marked an unbreakable spirit when faced with extreme challenges on and off the course during this unprecedented event,” said co-captains Angela Wilson and Shana Gorey.

“The tremendous camaraderie and esprit de corps displayed by CDCR staff during this event was commendable,” said Margarita Perez, Deputy Director of the Division of Adult Parole Operations, and an avid runner.

See the official results of the 2012 Baker-Vegas relay at: