Local and State opinion leaders talk about blueprint to save billions of dollars, end federal oversight and improve the prison system

By Staff | OPEC

With Public Safety Realignment driving a safe, steady decline in the state’s inmate population, CDCR has created and released a plan to cut billions in spending.  The plan is titled “The Future of California Corrections: A Blueprint to Save Billions of Dollars, End Federal Oversight, and Improve the Prison System.

The Blueprint will meet constitutional standards ordered by various courts for inmate medical, mental health and dental care, and improve prison and parole operations.  Click to view the plan.
Since the release of the Blueprint publication, local and state officials and media throughout California have published positive comments about CDCR’s plan, complimenting the work of our agency working with others to resolve the issues we face. Below is just some of the positive reaction that CDCR has received.

What they’re saying…

“Reducing prison costs requires reducing the prison population in a way that ensures the worst of the worst are appropriately punished while lower-level offenders get the help needed to leave the system for good. (CDCR’s blueprint and other prison proposals) offer a good starting point to achieve those reforms.” (Source: Bakersfield Californian editorial, May 1, 2012)

“This realistic, feasible blueprint provides the much-needed next steps beyond realignment…make no mistake, California finally seems on the right path to get its state prison population and management under control.” (Source: Sacramento Bee Editorial, Pia Lopez, April 29, 2012)

“We know that as we implement Realignment there is still a great deal of uncertainty ahead. There’s a lot we have to work through. Fortunately, Secretary Cate and Governor Brown have demonstrated a willingness to work through the challenges with frontline law enforcement, with Sheriffs statewide, with prosecutors and probation officers. The Blueprint clearly shows we are headed in the right direction.”

Sheriff Bill Gore, San Diego County

“We appreciate the efforts of Governor Brown and Secretary Cate on establishing a blue print for the future of CDCR.  These efforts will help build a foundation for the future success of Realignment.  We have been, and will continue to be, a strong partner with the Governor in helping resolve these issues.“  

Sheriff Keith Royal, Nevada County and California State Sheriffs’ Association President

“It’s one of the great achievements of the first year of the Brown administration.”

State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (Source: Los Angeles Times, April 25, 2012)

“California’s prison system may be headed in a remarkable direction… it could be a new era for the state prison system. Some $30 billion over the next decade could be saved. Crowding and poor medical and health care could be improved. Any of these improvements would be a major achievement.”
(Source: San Francisco Chronicle editorial, April 25, 2012)

“California prisons used to be the model for the nation and the world in the ’70s … I think what this administration is trying to do is bring us back to that.”

Joan Petersilia, Law Professor at Stanford University
(Source: Sacramento Bee, April 24, 2012)