By the Office of Resource and Reduction Planning

Awarded Transfers are Binding

CDCR has issued notices to those individuals who were successful in obtaining their requested positions for transfer.  It has come to our attention that there may have been a varying degree of understanding of the detailed instructions provided to employees on the transfer process, resulting in some individuals who obtained a transfer desiring to rescind their action.  Unfortunately, as stated in the video available on this website, once an award is made it is binding.  There is no appeal process.

In instances where an employee had checked the box indicating they wished to opt out of the process but they continued to select and prioritize the options presented, RPRS had to assume that they erroneously checked the opt-out box and meant to select options.  Consistent with the approved process, where appropriate, awards were made.  The labor organizations have concurred with RPRS’ handling of this, as it is in accordance with the side letter agreements. 

This is a difficult time for staff and sometimes information received can be misread or instructions provided misunderstood.  CDCR continues to encourage employees with questions call the toll-free number (877) 297-5599) or send an e-mail to CDCR RPRS Help Desk Email.  This contact information is listed on all RPRS communications.