By OPEC Staff
Letters are going out this week to CDCR employees who are impacted by the Wave 2 Layoffs, notifying them that they are being placed on State Restriction of Appointment (SROA)/Surplus status effective July 2.
Earlier, letters went out to impacted Non-Peace Officer employees who are eligible to participate in the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP).
The message to be taken from these events is that if you receive a letter from CDCR, take the time to read it carefully.  The VTP and SROA letters contain different timeframes and deadlines.
Stacy Lopez-Kassis of the Office of Resource Planning (ORP) reminds employees that just because they receive a letter doesn’t mean they will be getting laid off.
“The letters are sent in a 4-to-1 ratio,” she explained, “meaning that for each position being eliminated, four employees who could be affected – directly by layoff, by someone demoting, or by someone bumping – are notified.”
The final number of CDCR employees laid off in Wave 2 won’t be known until the end of the entire process. It depends on several factors, including how many Peace Officers move as a result of the Statewide Bid Process; how many Non-Peace Officers move as a result of VTP; how many employees move to other State agencies; and how many retire or leave State service.
Employees with questions are urged to visit the LayoffResources webpage. The site is split between Peace Officerand Non-Peace Officer employees because the layoff processes for the two groups differ.
The Non-Peace Officer site contains samples of letters sent to those eligible for the Voluntary Transfer Process. A video overview of VTP has been posted, and Non-Peace Officer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be posted soon.
The Peace Officer site offers FAQs as well as a Video Resources section that contains video overviews of the layoff process. A video overview of the Statewide Bid Process was removed after the deadline for participation passed.
Each site contains Reductions and Vacancies (Overs/Unders) for relevant classifications and Seniority Scores for employees who may be affected by the layoffs. Seniority scores can be viewed only on the CDCR Intranet, not the Internet.
For employees who have additional questions or whose questions are not answered on the Layoff Resources webpage, both sites list the ORP Helpline number, (877) 297-5599 and ORP Help Desk email address.