By Staff | OPEC
wave 2 layoffsImportant dates for Wave 2 Layoffs are arriving in quick order.
On Tuesday, Voluntary Transfer Process worksheets started going out to impacted Non-Peace Officer employees. The purpose of the VTP is to provide employees with an opportunity to transfer to locations where positions are available in order to improve their chances of retaining employment with the Department. 
To aid in the decision-making process, the Office of Resource Planning has posted information on the Layoff Resources webpage. It includes the list of Reductions and Vacancies by classification and location; seniority scores; and FAQs or frequently asked questions.
The Layoff Resources webpage includes information to help employees make their VTP decisions.
A similar process – the Statewide Bid process – gave Peace Officer employees in overstaffed classifications at their locations the opportunity to bid on identified vacancies throughout the state. The deadline for submitting those bids was June 25.
Later this week, State Restriction of Appointment (SROA) letters will be going out to impacted employees in Peace Officer and Non-Peace Officer classifications. 
Keep track of Key Dates for the Wave 2 Layoffs on the Layoff Resources webpage.