By Lupe Cartagena, PIO | SATF
California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and Prison – Corcoran (SATF) conducted a graduation 59 inmates – and for their family members of the graduates, who were invited to the ceremony.
The graduates – who received 21 GED certificates and 38 national vocational certifications – will be able to use their new skills upon parole or even while incarcerated.
Warden (A) Ralph M. Diaz thanked the friends and family members who made the sacrifice to celebrate with the graduates.
“Attaining successes in life is more meaningful when we share it with those we love,” Diaz said. “Each success not only affects those attaining it but it affects those we love and care about. We are all an example to our children, friends and family.”
Inmate Miguel Zuniga, who received a national certification from Electrical Works, addressed the graduates and attendees with an emotional, heartfelt speech.
He expressed his gratitude to the warden for providing education programs and to the instructors for having the patience to keep working with him. He also thanked the inmate graduates for all their tutoring help. Zuniga said he appreciated his mother and sister for attending the graduation and for not giving up on him.
Inmate Jonathan Garcia, who earned a GED certificate, celebrated by holding his son, who was brought to the ceremony by his grandmother.  Garcia told his son that provided the inspiration and motivation to succeed.