Lt. Rob Peery, left, and Warden Robert L. Gower

By Margaret Pieper, PIO  |  CCC

California Correctional Center’s Warden Robert L. Gower has been recognized as a patriotic employer.

The National Guard presented Gower with an Employer Support of the Reserve and Guard (ESRG) Award.

Rob Peery, a specialist in the National Guard and a Correctional Lieutenant at High Desert State Prison, nominated Warden Gower, his previous supervisor, for the award. Gower’s previous assignment was chief deputy warden and acting warden at High Desert State Prison.

Peery, who has been in the National Guard for seven years, said Gower always made accommodations for him and numerous other military reserve employees.
Warden Gower supported the employees for their service when they were deployed to either Afghanistan or Iraq by personally writing emails and letters and coordinated package drives at the institution.

After the military personnel returned to the institution, he ensured make-up training to smooth the transition to their assignments and proper pay.

The ESGR Award reflects the high level of support that Warden Gower showed his employees serving in the U.S. Armed Forces Guard and Reserve.

ESGR was established in 1972 to promote cooperation and understanding between reserve members and their civilian employers and to assist in the resolution of conflicts arising from an employee’s military commitment.