By OPEC Staff

CDCR Parole Agents Ron Dunne and John Edleman of the California Parole Apprehension Team (CPAT) recently uncovered a large amount of weapons and suspected methamphetamine while looking for a parolee in Sacramento.
Five handguns and an assault rifle were found. The weapons were confirmed to have been stolen.
Three people were arrested on suspicion of various gun- and drug-related charges. One of those arrested was wanted in Santa Clara County on a fugitive warrant. The other two were convicted felons. Also, two of the arrested people were documented gang members.
The incident unfolded this way:

Agents Dunne and Adelman were searching for Kenneth Langford, a parolee-at-large, at the south Sacramento home of a probationer.
The agents spotted ammunition and suspected drugs in plain sight.
Additional CPAT agents responded, along with members of the FBI SAFE Streets team. They helped “lock down” the residence while Agent Edleman wrote and obtained a search warrant from a Sacramento Superior Court judge.
The agents then search the residence, finding the weapons.