Physical exercise has a positive effect on mood; it helps to increase energy levels and feelings of well being. Exercise is a great way to relieve emotional and physical tension. It does not have to be strenuous; start by going for a short walk.

It is common for people with depression to think that nothing will help or work, but it is important to give exercise a try. Depression can sap your energy, but don’t wait until you feel energetic to begin exercising. Exercise now and the energy will come.

If you have an existing medical condition, check with your medical physician before you start exercising. They will advise you on a suitable exercise program.

In order to feel calm and relaxed, and to keep your tension low, you need to feel physically healthy. Physical exercise is an important component for maintaining your health and reducing tension. There are many exercises you can do, even in a chair.

• While sitting on your chair place your hands on your lap.
• Slowly rotate your head clockwise in a large arch so that you gently stretch your neck.
• Repeat this 4 times.
• Then do the same counter-clockwise.
• As you rotate your head, breathe slowly and deeply. If your time permits repeat this exercise.
• As you rotate your head, do not stretch too hard.
• Just stretch enough to feel that the muscles are tight.
• After you finish stretching, relax, breathing slowly and deeply, for another minute or so.

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