By OPEC Staff

For many Non-Peace Officer employees of CDCR impacted by Wave 2 Layoffs, close of business today is the deadline for filing Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP) paperwork with the Office of Resource Planning.

Not all Wave 2-impacted employees – those receiving a State Restriction of Appointment (SROA) letter telling them of the possibility of layoff – were eligible for VTP. 
VTP is offered to provide an employee an opportunity to transfer to a location where a position in the employee’s classification is available, in order to improve chances of retaining CDCR employment. 
A couple caveats apply to VTP.
The first is that transferring to a new location doesn’t guarantee that the employee won’t be bumped or even laid off during Wave 2 or subsequent waves. The second is that choosing to participate means accepting a transfer if awarded.
Transfers are binding and irrevocable. If a transfer is awarded, the employee must report to work at the new location on Aug. 23 or be subject to AWOL separation.
A video explaining the Voluntary Transfer Process can be found by clicking Video Resources the Layoff Resources for Non-Peace Officers.
Anyone with further questions can call the Office of Resource Planning hotline at (877) 297-5599, or email CDCR ORP Help Desk Email.
Completed VTP worksheets canbe faxed to (916) 322-2393 or scanned and emailed to Worksheets submitted after close of business today will not be accepted. If a worksheet is not submitted, it will be assumed that the employee “opted out” of the process.