By Jason Ingman, Parole Agent I, Pine Grove

For most Californians, obtaining a driver’s license is a rite of passage at age 16, ushering the young person toward adulthood.

For many of the youth who are incarcerated, however, obtaining a driver’s license seems to be an almost insurmountable task.
For such youths, the goal of obtaining a driver’s license is now one step closer.  On June 28, DJJ Parole Agents Jason Ingman and Jeff Cramer escorted seven youths from the Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp to the Department of Motor Vehicles office in nearby Jackson.
Each youth obtained a California Identification Card, thereby overcoming a major obstacle for many youth who have never been issued an official form of government identification. 
In addition to obtaining California ID cards, five of the youths also passed the written section of the driver’s license examination process and were awarded a provisional instruction permit.
They will be eligible to obtain their California driver’s license upon successfully completing the behind-the-wheel section of the driver’s license examination process upon release from custody. 
Assistant Superintendent Harry Linden supervises the Case Manager program at Pine Grove youth Conservation Camp.  Case Managers Debbie Brady, Jeff Cramer and Jason Ingman prepare the young men to return to their communities successfully.