Results of the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP) for Non-Peace Officer employees of CDCR who are impacted by the Wave 2 Layoffs were posted late Tuesday on the Layoff Resources website.
Of the 347 employees who “opted in” to the process, 179 were awarded transfers – 66 in the same county and 113 to a different county.  Another 11 selected to remain at their same location, and ended up in their current positions.
Eighty-five participants were unsuccessful in the process, and 64 transferred outside the VTP and were no longer eligible. Eight employees “opted in” but then selected no options among those listed.
It should be noted that a change in the report date has been posted. Employees awarded a position through VTP will be expected to report to their new locations on Monday, Aug. 27. The awards are binding and irrevocable.
The list of VTP awards does not include Office Assistant (Typing), Personnel Supervisor I or the Case Records classification.  Errors in the Options Worksheet for those classifications meant redoing the transfer process. Awarding of transfers in the affected classifications is anticipated to done by July 31, with a report day of Aug. 31.
By OPEC Staff