By OPEC Staff

BMX rider Brooke Crain of the United States took a hard fall on the final straight during her seeding run at the London Olympics on Wednesday, the Associated Press reported. Brooke is the daughter of Correctional Officer Todd Crain.
Todd works at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, Corcoran.
Brooke, 19, clipped her rear wheel on a ramp and lost control over the front of her handle bars. She slammed her chest into the next ramp and remained on the ground for about a minute, AP reported.
Brooke managed to stand up and finish the ride, but was listed as DNF (Did Not Finish) on the result sheet, AP reported.
There was no immediate word on how badly Brooke was hurt. If she’s able to continue, she would be given the 16th and final seed in the women’s competition for races on Thursday, AP reported.
Brooke was a late replacement on the U.S. team for a rider who was hurt in a crash during a final training run on July 30.
Earlier this week, an injury ended the hopes of another CDCR employee’s daughter of winning an Olympic medal.
Desiree Davila tried to compete in the marathon race at the Olympic Games on Sunday, but pulled out early due to a nagging injury.
Her father, Dennis Davila, is a CDCR Construction Supervisor  I. He was in London to support Desiree’s effort.