CDCR Northern Transportation Hub at Tracy. Bus 44 undergoing a pre-trip inspection on the
parking pad. Manufactured in 2010 by Motor Coach Industries, bus 44 measures 40.5 feet in length
and can weigh up to 46,000 pounds when fully loaded.
Sergeant Arthur checks the 22 inch diameter wheels and tires.
Six air operated disc brakes are used for slowing and stopping.

Inspection of the engine compartment. Power is generated by a 12.7 litre inline Detroit Diesel engine producing 410 horsepower and 1450 pound feet of torque at 1200 rpm. An Allison 6 speed automatic transmission puts it all in motion. Fuel capacity: 192 gallons.

Underfloor compartments provide up to 326 cubic feet of storage.

Officer Cortez unlocks a security door separating seating areas.
Officer Montoya cleans the driver side rearview mirror…

…and the passenger side rearview.

Preparing to load handcuff and chain restraints.

Officer Montoya prepares a daily trip log.

Cleared in the Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI) vehicle sally port, bus 44 will
proceed to Receiving and Release to transport inmates.

Passing through the inner sally port gate.

Inmate boarding the bus.

This inmate will be transported to San Quentin State Prison.

Officer Cortez prepares to secure one of the bus interior security doors.

Under way, bus 44 leaves DVI Receiving and Release in route to the vehicle sally port.

Reentering the sally port.

The undercarriage, engine compartmant and storage
compartments are searched prior to departure.
Bus 44 ready to roll.
Sergeant Arthur and Officer Cortez retrieve their weapons from the DVI armory.
Walking to the bus.

Sergeant Arthur onboard ready for the drive to San Quentin.

Bus 44 departs Deuel Vocational Institution for San Quentin State Prison.

Stopped at traffic signal.

Early morning sunlight illuminates bus 44 on its westward journey.

In the rearview.

Arrival at the San Quentin West Gate.

Officer Montoya maneuvers the bus toward the San Quentin vehicle sally port.

Entering the sally port.

Sergeant Arthur assists backing the bus into Receiving and Release.

Parked at Receiving and Release.

Parked at Receiving and Release.

Prison and medical files are transported with each inmate.

Inmates assist loading boxes of files.

Officer Montoya prepares hand, ankle and waist restraints.
Inmate restrained at wrists and waist prior to boarding.
Inmates stand in line to board bus 44.
Inmate boarding with wrist and waist restraints.
Officer Cortez secures ankle restraints.
Inmate is directed to seating area.
Officer Cortez directs inmate into a secure area during the boarding process.
Waiting to secure the next inmate.
Sergeant Arthur checks picture IDs of each inmate being transported.
With inmates secure, bus 44 returns to the vehicle sally port.
In the sally port awaiting clearance to proceed.
Undercarriage being searched with a convex mirror.
Officer Montoya at the wheel as the exterior of the bus is searched.
Bus 44 exits the West Gate of San Quentin with inmates. Next stop will be California State Prison, Solano at Vacaville.
Officer Cortez and Sergeant Arthur enter the CSP, Solano armory to secure weapons.

Buss 44 drives toward the the vehicle sally port at CSP, Solano.

Waiting for clearance into the sally port.
Unloading files.
Restraints are removed before inmates enter Receiving and Release.

Removing restraints.

Secured inmates board bus 44.

Inmate being prepared for boarding.
Sergeant Arthur advises inmates of CDCR rules while traveling on the bus.

Bus 44 enters the CSP, Solano sally port with 17 inmates onboard.

Near Davis, bus 44 will continue on to Folsom State Prison and California State Prison, Sacramento before returning at 6:00 P.M. to the Northern Transportation Hub at Tracy. A total of 25 inmates were transported between six prisons.