By OPEC Staff

The Office of Resource Planning (ORP) is extending the deadline for returning Placement/Layoff Options Worksheets until 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 6.
Options Worksheets and Reemployment List Election documents can be submitted via FAX or email, as directed on the original notice.
The extension was prompted by the high volume of phone calls and emails to the ORP Help Desk.  As a result, the number of phone lines has been increased and the Help Desk staff has been expanded.  Additionally, the Help Desk phone line: (877) 297-5599 and email will be staffed throughout the Labor Day holiday weekend.
The extension will give more time to answer questions from impacted employees, who will then be able to make better informed decisions.
Impacted employees who have not yet filed their Options Worksheets and Reemployment List Election documents should be aware that ORP has updated the “Options Worksheet Instructional Video.”
This video explains the steps to complete the options worksheet in an effort to assist employees with the placement/layoff process.  All employees who receive a Placement/Layoff Options package are required to complete and return the Options Worksheet and the Reemployment List Election document