By OPEC Staff
Desiree Davila, the daughter of a CDCR employee, tried to compete in the marathon race at the Olympic Games on Sunday, but pulled out early due to a nagging injury.
 “I could tell early on that it’s not going to happen today,” said Desiree, who was running for the United States.
“I will regroup and I am relatively young. I have a long career ahead of me. I don’t want to compromise that,” she told reporters in London.
Her father, Dennis Davila who is a CDCR Construction Supervisor  I, was in London to support  Desiree’s effort.
Desiree started the race knowing she might not finish the 26.2-mile race through the streets of central London, the San Jose Mercury News reported.
After suffering a hip injury in training about a month ago, Desiree, 29, was in no shape to challenge one of the toughest fields in history, the newspaper reported.
“I could tell on the first turn it wasn’t going to be right today,” she told reporters in London.
Desiree withdrew 2.2 miles into the course along the Mall, the Mercury News reported.
The hip injury left her coaches wondering if she should even attempt the race. Desiree worked out on an anti-gravity treadmill instead of running. She also had a cortisone injection before coming to London, the newspaper reported.
“I was still hoping at the start to catch some magic,” Desiree said. “There has been a lot of denial.”
The race was won by Tiki Gelana of Ethiopia.