By OPEC Staff
The Office of Resource Planning mailed Placement Layoff/Options packages Wednesday to 6,151 CDCR employees who may be impacted by Wave 2.
Not all employees receiving a package will be impacted, but due to demotional patterns, it was necessary to send additional packages to ensure that any individual who may be affected would receive one.
All employees who receive a Placement/Layoff Options package are required to complete and return the Options Worksheet and the Reemployment List Election document by Aug. 31, 2012.
To help employees review and complete their Placement/Layoff Options Worksheets, ORP has updated the “Options Worksheet Instructional Video.” The video explains the steps for completing the options worksheet.
Anyone with a question regarding the Placement Layoff/Options package should contact the ORP Customer Service Unit at (877) 297-5599, Monday through Friday during normal business hours, or by email at