By OPEC Staff
The Office of Resource Planning (ORP) has posted a list of employees who will not be immediately affected by the Wave 2 Layoff/Placement Options Process.
The post – the Unimpacted Listing – is available for viewing only by CDCR employees on the Intranet from both the Peace Officer and Non-Peace Officer pages of the Layoff Resources page.
Employees on the list no longer face being laid off or demoted during Wave 2. They will stay in their impacted classification and county, but could change jobs or location through redirection, in accordance with the Realignment Side Letter Agreements.
Any Option Worksheets that have been submitted by the employees on the list will not be processed by ORP.  Listed employees will also be notified through official correspondence from ORP in the near future.
ORP said posting was the initial list. The process is fluid, and additional staff who received Options Worksheets but no longer face layoff or demotion will be added to the list. A Placement/Layoff Listing will be released when Placement/Layoff Notices are mailed the final week of September.
Anyone with questions is asked to call the ORP Help Line at (877) 297-5599. The line is staffed 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. A voice mail can be left at any time.
ORP asks that anyone leaving a message – slowly and clearly – include full name; classification of impact; location and county; last four digits of their Social Security number; and phone numbers, both work and cell.