By OPEC Staff

More than 4,000 letters are going out this week to CDCR employees who are being placed in another position or are facing layoff.

Some employees facing layoff – those in peace officer categories – will be given another opportunity to move into a vacant position to avoid layoff.

The second chance – known as Additional Wave 2 Opportunities – will be offered only to those in a rank-and-file peace officer positions: Correctional Officer; Parole Agent; Parole Agent II (Specialist); Correctional Counselor I; Correctional Counselor II; or Correctional Counselor II (Specialist).

Worksheets, similar to those used for the Options Process, will be attached to the employee’s layoff letter. Those wishing to participate must select the from the Correctional Officer vacancies statewide and then rank them by preference.

As with the Statewide Bid Process, the decisions are binding and irrevocable. Employees are told not to select any position that they could not or would not be willing to fill.

The timeframe for the Additional Wave 2 Opportunities is tight. Worksheets must be returned to the Office of Resource Planning (ORP) by Oct. 2, and awards of Additional Wave 2 Opportunities positions will be mailed the week of Oct. 8.

As with other Wave 2 placements, the reporting date will be Oct. 31 – unless the person awarded the position must attend a Transitional Academy.

The Transitional Academy for Additional Wave 2 Opportunities positions – both two-week and six-week sessions – begins Oct. 22 at the Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center in Galt.